Our lawn care services include:

  • Curb Appeal Spruce Up for Real Estate
  • Bi-Weekly mowing/trimming
  • Landscaping - Upkeep, Removal and Replacement of landscaping
  • The Leaf it to Me, LLC team will give you a free estimate on your project.
  • Our experts will share with you the best time to trim or remove your tree.
  • You have the option of taking care of the debris yourself or you can always "Leaf it to Me!" and we can remove the debris for you.
  • The removal of a tree gives you even more options: milling the tree, cutting it for firewood, creating a carving out of your tree...We promote the use of trees for building and decorating purposes!



  • Leaf it to Me, LLC owns its own mill, which cuts out the middle man and gives you the opportunity for a amazing custom cut.
  • After milling, we can store your lumber for drying, or deliver it right to you.
  • Ask us about our building services as well, and let us turn your tree into something new!

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